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Finding A Good Stopping Point

Back when I started out (including my first 10 years with no employees) over 35 years ago, I used to wonder if I would ever become one of the "old timers" some day.

You know, the guys who had been around the block, could fix almost anything, and everyone knew. Well, the question has been answered. I believe I'm officially considered an "old timer."

So where's the stopping point. All the old timers I knew have long ago left the premises, so where do I turn for advice. Even though I've been partially retired for a while and have left all the hard work and most of the thinking to younger, stronger minds, and I am much less involved in the day to day activities, I still feel needed (at least for moral support if nothing else).

But old timers have to make room for the young "up and comers". Father time and my lovely bride of 48 years are saying "if you can't dance anymore, get off the floor." Well, even if I can't boogie, I can still slow dance. So maybe there isn't really a stopping point...just a gradual fading away. I guess I'll figure it out eventually.

What’s New?

Steel and aluminum tariffs, how will they affect HVAC

Unfortunately our air conditioning systems are almost totally comprised of steel, aluminum and copper. If tariffs on foreign steel (25%) tariff and aluminum (10%) tariff are implemented there will surely be a price increase in the equipment. From what I have gathered, manufactures are already testing alternative materials (probably plastics) to reduce the amount of steel in their products. Between inflation, government efficiency regulations and tariffs, we're probably in for higher prices in the near future.


The evolution of AC compressors has come a long way. The introduction of the Scroll compressor (back around 1980) has made them more dependable, more efficient and even more quiet than the old standard reciprocating type. There is a long standing issue that sometimes plagues scroll compressors. It is a noise the compressor makes (sometimes) when it shuts down at the end of a cooling cycle. It is not harmful to the compressor, but sounds like something is wrong. It occurs because of back pressure that causes the scroll to momentarily turn backwards when the cycle ends. Most people don't notice it unless they happen to be standing outside when the unit shuts down. The problem can be solved by installing a check valve in the discharge line close to the compressor. It's time consuming and rather expensive to fix, but if you just can't stand it, it's doable. Many of the newer compressors are coming with the check valve built into the compressor (it's about time). This is the type of compressor you will find in most residential applications today.

Annual Maintenance:

How important is it? Well, remember the cleaner your system is, the more efficiently it will run.

Sometimes we find potential problems that we can fix while doing the maintenance. This can save you a future service call and the inconvenience of not having air conditioning for a while. Although it doesn't guarantee no break downs it does lessen the possibilities.

We do offer a Membership program where you will receive two maintenance calls, we call them “Clean & Checks,” every 6 months, during normal business hours. We prefer to do these calls in the morning, especially if your system is in the attic.

The Membership program also provides a 20% discount on repairs, a fixed diagnostic fee of $49 instead of $74 and above. The monthly fee is only $16.95 a month per system.

Call the office at 428-6603 for more information.

Did You Know:

  • A dirty air filter can make your system run harder, increasing your heating and cooling costs and reducing the life of the blower motor, coils and other parts.
    Circulating dirty air can also aggravate allergies and those with sensitive immune systems. It’s best to inspect your air filter regularly and replace it every month. If you have pets, you may need to replace your air filter more frequently.
  • Ceiling fans can help your system with air distribution. During the summer, set fans to turn counterclockwise, creating a downdraft that makes you feel cooler. During the winter, set fans to turn clockwise, creating an updraft which forces down warm air near the ceiling.
  • Remove debris from around your outdoor unit. Leaves, grass clippings and debris can build up on the condenser or heat pump, reducing airflow; keeping the area around it free of debris will aid in keeping it clean. You should also trim back any shrubs or plants near the unit to provide a two-foot clearance, which maximizes airflow to and from the unit.

Average Temps. for Harlingen:

  Jan Feb Mar April May June July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec
Hi 70 73 79 84 89 94 95 96 91 86 79 71
Low 50 53 58 64 71 75 75 75 72 65 58 51

Between June 1st and August 31st of 2017, we had 11 days of 100 plus degree days (most occurring in August). However the average temps for this period were a little above normal.

How are Hurricanes Named?

  • Native Americans called these storms Hurakons, after “a great spirit who commanded the east wind.” Spanish explorers adopted the word and then began giving hurricanes the names of patron saints on whose feast days the storms occurred. Later, hurricanes were identified by their longitude and latitude.
  • A weatherman in Australia is credited with being the first person to name a tropical storm after a female. By World War II, meteorologists in the U.S. military named storms after their girlfriends and wives. Atlantic hurricanes began to be officially given women’s names starting in 1954 and men’s names in 1979.
  • Hurricanes’ names are selected by the World Meteorological Organization. Every six years, the list of names begins again! However, the names of especially destructive hurricanes are usually retired. See the “retired” tropical storm and hurricane names.


Did you know that cinnamon is good for your garden?

  • Deter ants

    Cinnamon will actually kill ants. The powdery substance will suffocate the bugs when inhaled. The aroma can also make it hard for ants to smell food sources, but it's nontoxic for kids and pets.

  • Defeat fungus

    When you sprinkle ground cinnamon on soil, it kills surface-level fungi.

  • Protect seedlings from disease

    The antifungal properties in cinnamon make it a great tool for protecting seedlings from rot and disease, also known as damping off.

  • Root and graft plants

    You can make your roses (or other plants) sturdier after cutting and replanting by first dipping them in cinnamon powder, which works like a rooting hormone.

  • Keep mosquitoes away from the garden

    Sprinkle a bit of cinnamon around your plants to keep mosquitoes and other bugs away. They don't like the strong smell of cinnamon, so you can enjoy your garden (even at night) in peace.

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